John's Application GM !

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John's Application GM !

Post  john on Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:14 am

~ Name: John Erlin Matildo

~ Age: 21

~ Language: English/Tagalog

~ GM Experience : - Level 40 GM in SativaRO (This server has been shut down due to lack of players)
- Level 60 GM in AmbienceRO (Server has been shut down due to lack of players)
- Level 20 GM in DreamerRO

~ Skills: -Helpful,Patient

~ Gender: Super Male Smile

~ Playing Time : 2PM - 12:01AM May Pasok kase eh Smile)

~ Why i Want to Be a GM: I've seen so many players, bored of the things here in cruel, i heard some players' reasons why there are bored and i want to remove it from them or atleast lessen them from being bored in cruel, i also suggested events if you heard of it ) my main reason is that i want to make the server alive help other players (i know i can do this even if i am not a GM)

but... there is a sad part, can't give my items as prizes

What can u do to benefit to cruelRO?
- I shall serve and help every player on the server, without any bias and and impartiality to anyone whatsoever, i believe that my skills are not perfect but they have i feel, just enough to lend a helping hand

~ Playing Ragnarok: i playing ragnarok Since 6 years ...

Last remarks:
more-so i cannot promise 100% of my time, effort and life to cruel as i have dreams to fulfill and stuff to do but as long as time allows me too, even if my application will be denied i shall continue to help the server in anyway i can maybe not by cash or a lot of donations, but by helping ppl whenever they may need assistance

thank you for reading this and by doing so u have made me happy for letting me try and u sir/maam have made a person like me smile Very Happy


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nice one !

Post  ryan on Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:00 pm

hahaha .. LoL


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